Contact the NSEAD

NSEAD, 3 Masons Wharf, Potley Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9FY

The Society's telephone number is +44(0)1225 810134
and, in the first instance, all enquiries should be to this number, faxed to +44(0)1225 812730
or e-mailed to

The following staff members will be able to assist you on the above numbers:

General Secretary Lesley Butterworth
Assistant General Secretary & AD Editor Sophie Leach
Administration & Finance: Anne Ingall; Pat Burnell; Chloe Rowles


Finance & General Purposes Committee

Peter Gregory (President)
Rachel Payne (President-Elect)
Liz Macfarlane (Vice-President)
Patricia Brown (Vice-President*)
John Childs (Honorary Treasurer)
Ged Gast (TU Adviser))
Lesley Butterworth (General Secretary)
Sophie Leach (Assistant General Secretary)
* = role share


Nick Beavon
Paul Carney
Mo Coade
David Farrow
Norah Jardine
Maria Keki
Tamar Maclellan
Petra Matthews Crowe
Carla Mindel
Susan Ogier
Ruth Robinson
Huw Swayne
Ian Thompson

Forum Members

Jeff Adams
Tracy Cain
Simon Columb
Peter Corkish
Orla Crean
Stephanie Cubbin
Amanda Duke
Daniel Firth-Powell
Richard Hickman
Michael Jarvis
Ian Lightfoot
Nathan Nugent
Patrick Sanders
Siobhan Tate
Suzy Tutchell


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