1. Introduction

Explore the variety of resources available for art and design teachers on this site. In addition to the 'Key Links' you can use the search engine to find many other useful Internet sites. The 'Units of Work' are only accessible to NSEAD members. If you become aware of any issues for inclusion in the 'Health and Safety Guide' or broken links please e-mail

Curriculum Resources

This section provides links to the curriculums in England, Scotland and Wales. NSEAD has also provided a parallel, alternative curriculum to that published by the DfE in 2013. It aims to move the Curriculum in England forward and support teachers and IT providers in their understanding of the nature, depth and breadth of art, craft and design.

Careers Progression in Art & Design

This guidance is for teachers and leaders of art and design in secondary schools and FE colleges who are involved in recruitment, either as interviewers or interviewees. It will help those who are applying for teaching posts, by providing insight into the nature of the selection process.

TEA: Thinking Expression Action

TEA resources provide ideas, resources and case studies to support drawing in and beyond the curriculum. The section includes a selection of case studies and research which explores the purpose of drawing and how social media can build confidence in educators own practice and pedagogy.

Web Links

In this resources area you will find a searchable database of links to hundreds of web sites of particular interest for art and design education. A number of key links for art educators in the United Kingdom are listed for rapid access.

Units of Work

The Units of Work database has over 200 art projects, art lessons and descriptions of classroom and art room teaching strategies. For children, pupils and students from 3-18 years old. These are only accessible to NSEAD members or subscribers to START Magazine.

Market Place

Links to a range of trade and other ventures likely to be of interest to art and design teachers.

Community Cohesion and PVE

These resources highlight community cohesion and preventing violent extremism in the art and design curriculum. The resources provide guidance materials and links which facilitate bringing these dimensions into lessons. The resources are all based on real life examples which have been completed.


E-Updates Archive

Members can access an archive of recent NSEAD E-updates by following this link.


This advocacy section provides links that help to demonstrate the value of art, craft and design education. The links and associated resources can be shared with students, parents, school leaders, governors and other professionals to explain why visual arts and design subjects are essential in the twenty-first century.

What is the Value of Art?

The images on this powerpoint are a response by NSEAD members and supporters to Bob and Roberta Smith's provocation 'What is the Value of Art?' and were included in an exhibition organised by Deptford X, London's Contemporary Arts Festival, produced by Caroline Underwood. Special thanks also go to Elinor Brass who co-ordinated the call out and collation of educator images seen in this 'What is the Value of Art' powerpoint.

Health & Safety in Art & Design

This Health & Safety guide provides an extensive advice on specific guidance and legal requirements for safe practice in art and design education.

Careers Teaching Resources

Careers resources in art, craft and design as well as links and publications to information on courses and careers for students, art and design teachers and lecturers, parents and careers advisors are all available in this section. Links to teacher recruitment websites can be accessed here.